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So I am going to California on Friday. CAN. NOT. WAIT. It's a good thing I haven't fully unpacked from Vegas... I am practically ready to go. Anyway, I came across this rad vintage photo from simple lovely in my blog perusing today. I wasn't planning on going to Disneyland but I could really use a churro right about now.


Oscars Bingo!

Anybody watching the Oscars?! To make it more enjoyable (maybe for some of you being forced to watch), I have made some Oscars bingo cards. I made an American Idol one a few years back that was preeetty epic, so I thought I'd do the same for the Oscars.

There are four different boards so you can play with your friends! If you only have one or two friends, it's okay. You don't have to use all four. As always, free space is FREE! I was going to use, "Anne Hathaway still super annoying/thinks she's beautiful and everybody loves her even though I don't but I still like Devil Wears Prada" as the free space, but it didn't fit was too mean.

Have fun! I hope Colin Firth wins. Because I love him. I recommend using Reese's Pieces as pieces. It's just easier because they are already pieces. Click to enlarge. Then print!


vegas snapshots

I thought I'd share  a few photos from my little Vegas trip. I didn't have batteries for my camera so I took some photos with my phone.

We saw the fountains at the Bellagio a few times, wandered around the city, and hit up Serendipity where I gained roughly 3 pounds eating some sort of cookie explosion. What did you guys do for the break?



Anyone doing anything fun for the holiday? I'm takin a roadie to Vegas with the brothers and the boy. It will be both fun and Vegassy. We're just going to have a nice little relaxing vacay.

If I had tons of time, I'd want to hit up the Boneyard.

Has anyone been? I saw a tv show about it last week and a few weeks before that, I was up in Salt Lake at a design event and Hatch talked about going to the Boneyard for inspiration for a project they were working on. See. Cool. Anyway, it sounds uhmazing. It's basically a junkyard of 150 old neon signs from all over Las Vegas that date back to like 1930. They look rad. I'd like to go sometime and take a bajillion pictures. That is all.

 Pictures of Vegas roadie coming soon to a blog near you. (this one)

Images from here


analyzation of valentation

Wow. Thanks for the Valentine love, friends. If I didn't know better, I'd think you all have crushes on me. But I do know better.

Fact. I suck at blogging 363 days of the year. My usual analytics follow an ever consistent yet rockin' pattern of anywhere between 10-12 hits a day.

Example of hits as follows:

10, 12, 11, 10, 11, 11, 12  etc, etc, etc,.

Comrades, in the past 48 hours, my LOST valentines from 2010 (on the old bloggin) have received roughly TEN. THOU$AND. views. With dollar signs. In analytics that causes change that looks like this:

I think the Jimmer ones had about 1,000 views.

Too bad I can't design Valentine's year round. I can't, right? That's stupid. Yeah, I thought so too. Since I can't design Valentine's year round, I just wanted to publicly thank all of you, the three thousand (four hundred and ten point fifty seven) percent of you who only think I'm funny once a year. You guys are the best. Rendezvous me? Valentine's Day 2012? Can't wait. I'm already thinking of ideas.

To my ten readers a day and mom checking twice, please stay tuned for tomorrow's entry when I post a picture of me dining with Justin Bieber on Valentine's day something I think is pretty.


jimmer valentines!

Last year I made some rockin' lost valentines. Remember these puppies?

Welllll. This year I made Jimmer valentines! Enjoy!


brooks bakes

Back in December I designed a bakery logo for two friends of mine who are sisters. Kristan recently posted a photo on her blog of the framed logo. It was a really fun project and I think it looks so cute in her kitchen. Please note the gorge Anthro mugs to the left. I love designing for people with awesome taste.


kate spade

Four years ago I went on a trip with my 12 graphic design classmates to New York. We got to visit lots of design firms and in-house design teams that do really great work. One of my favorite visits was Kate Spade.

We got to see the showroom where they housed upcoming bags and projects. McDreamland! We also got to hang out in the studio and see what kinds of things inspire their designers.

Since I probably won't get to do something that awesome again, I will settle for frequenting their website. I really like the Behind the Curtain section. Ever checked it out? Do it!

They like cool things. And so can you.

From Kate Spade


live the language

I am a big lover of typography. Typography and candy corn. Have you guys seen these commercials? They are so tiiiiight. I can't stop watching them.

EF - Live The Language - Paris from Albin Holmqvist on Vimeo.

EF - Live The Language - Barcelona from Albin Holmqvist on Vimeo.


josh + becca

My friend Becca recently got married and posted this video on her blog. I am in love with it. It's so great! It was made by Tiger in a Jar. Check out their other videos here.

josh and becca from tiger in a jar on Vimeo.



On Saturday I celebrated my 25th birthday. WHACK. The girls took me to birthday brunch at Communal. I got french toast with cinnamon apples. Next time I go I will mos def be getting me some drinking chocolate. Zing! Any restaurant that serves chocolate in liquid form gets five gold stars from me. (And probably about five bucks too.) So once I cross the drinking chocolate off my list, I'll be one step closer to fulfilling my inner Augustus Gloopesque fantasy of drinking chocolate from a river.

(Yes, I know it's just hot chocolate. Quit trying to ruin my special day!)

Photo: Communal

welcome to yenniper

What better way to start your 25th year of life than with a new bloggie? Get excited friends/strangers/Obamas. This is yenniper!

About yen: I'm a graphic designer originally from Dallas, Texas but I live in Utah now. I started blogging in 2005 and have been itching to launch something new. This will be my outlet to share a little bit of everything that I love. I am currently digging on the following: design, fashion, typography, interiors, furniture, old stuff that is both awesome and old, photography, southern california, pop culture references and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. If you like any of those things, you and I might just make it.

So what the what is yenniper? Well, my name is Jenny and nothing makes me want to be your friend less than when you call me Jennifer. (No offense to my Jennifer sisters. I've got nothin' but love.) Anyway, my sister-in-law started calling me yenniper and it stuck! And so will you. To this blog.

Get excited! I know I am. Aaaaaand go.