/*pinterest*/ yenniper: September 2011


photo rewind

Back in June I got to spend a week in Midway, Utah with the fam. We rented a great cabin up in the mountains and had a blast eating lots of food, watching the Mavs win their first championship and enjoying the view. My sister just uploaded some of the photos so I thought I'd share. Utah is pretty gorgeous sometimes... So it's a good thing Taylor and I bought a house. Holla!

We threw a little housewarming party there a few weeks ago thanks to Taylor's sweet grandparents. It was deliciously successful (as all things catered by Cafe Rio are).  Taylor is living in the house until the wedding. I hope he doesn't get too used to the freezer full of chimichangas and gatorades... Okay okay... the gatorades can stay. Here are some photos of the event. And oh, Taylor had a beard for a couple of weeks.