/*pinterest*/ yenniper: May 2011


happy weekend!

Is anyone a little bit wanting to break up with rain lately? Or at least take a long break and spend some time to think about what we've done wrong. (In my case, nothing. In rain's case, everything.) I usually love stormy weather but it is really frostin' my cookies lately.

I don't think it's anything a little bit of stripes and sunshine can't fix. Enter Chance, yet another line of clothing that makes me want to physically paint stripes on the small percentage of my wardrobe that isn't covered in stripes.

Love these photos so much. Why don't I look that good when I nap in public places?

Images from here.


balcony night

So my neighborhood has been under construction for roughly 6  months now. I wake up every morning to shaking walls. It is kind of driving me crazy. The only thing that makes up for it is the pretty views from up here. I'm really excited for another summer of sitting out on the balcony! (assuming there are no mudslides)


flea bags

Anyone familiar with Flea Bags? I am obsessed. You'd think that someone who was obsessed would have some background knowledge on the product in the form of the actual product, but not this moi! I'm the stalkery kind of obsessed. If I had some extra benjamins lyin' around, I would most likely spend them on a lifetime supply of Apple Jacks a Flea Bag to carry my empty wallet with me wherever I go. They. are. beautiful.

Image from here



Hope everyone had a Happy Mother's Day! Here's a pic of me with some of my very favorite mothers. I love my mom so much! I hope I can be as good of a mom as she is. Seriously, my siblings and I are all SO awesome and relatively normal.

Here are some awesome photos of my mama! Love you mom.