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diet coke, meet pie

For the past six years my friends and I have celebrated Fakesgiving. Fakes is celebrated the Friday and Saturday before real Thanksgiving. But homegirls, make no mistake. There is nothing fake about it.

Every Friday of Fakes is what we refer to as pie night. Pie night usually consists of pounding cokes* and making pies. (*diet coke. I'm from Texas. We call Dr. Pepper 'Coke'.) Back in 09 we started getting more creative with PSM (pie subject matter). Michon had done a lot of extensive research that year and thought we could do better. 2009 was the year we all came up with this bad boy:


Hand-crafted! In 2010, we continued to go for the gold.


... but wait there's more. We also made


Which brings us to 2011. Sooo we may or may not have brought in a ringer. Our friend Rebecca may or may not be a painter and we may or may not have forced let her to spend hours cutting type out of pie dough with very small and weird tools. 

After an hour or so she had nailed Coke but we were like, "Teeechincally we don't drink Coke." Rebecca thought we were nuts and wanted to kill us in our sleep so Kendra, also a wee bit nuts, spent another hour and a half constructing the Diet. And so I present to you the most amazing pecan pie ever created that I had very little to do with:


Since I'm sure you're all dying to know how to make it, I've written up a recipe for you.


Diet Coke Pecan Pie


- 1 homemade pecan pie
- 1 can cold Diet Coke
- The words "Diet" and "Coke" cut out of pie dough


1. Make a pecan pie while your artist-friend cuts out intricate letters whils't staring at a Diet Coke can.
2. Feel free to drink the Diet Coke as she works.
3. When she's done, put her letters in the oven and bake.
4. When the letters are baked, take them out of the oven and carefully place them on your pie.
5. Blog about it and send it to all your friends.


Special thanks to: Michon, Rebecca, Kendra, Kristin, Ali, Maddi and Millie


my little warbler

Taylor got ready for church on Sunday and was really proud of his mix & matched ensemble. When he asked what I thought I told him he looked like a Warbler.

Taylor: "What's a Warbler?"
Jenny: "Look it up, Warbler."

This went on for a few minutes until I was laughing so hard I almost couldn't stand up. I finally looked it up on my phone for him and lo and behold, he had nailed it.

With a little red piping, gold buttons, and finger pointin', we've got ourselves a preeettty sweet Halloween costume for next year.