/*pinterest*/ yenniper: August 2011


glass jars

I am a big fan of glass jars. My new favs being some oversized ball jars I found at Hoblob. (That's short for Hobby Lobby. Kind of like how romcom is short for romantic comedy.) I think I'll incorporate some blue tinted ball jars into the wedding table decor centerpiecery somehow. I think they are beachin'.

Colored jars above were shot by the wonderful Johnny Miller. I got to work with him a few times at Martha. Guy's got serious skills.

[ blue jars from here ]


engagement sneak peek

Get excited, people. This is happening.

[ Photography by Scott Winn ]


oh hey georgina!

Meet Georgina, the inspiration for my wedding dress! I met with my amaaazing dressmaker, Penny last night up at her studio in Salt Lake. We had fun drawing all over the photos I brought in and I think we came up with something really beautiful. I. am. so. excited.