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wedding photo wednesday | part two

It's time for more wedding photos! It makes total sense. We're celebrating our year anniversary at the end of the month. Today I've shared some family+friend shots from outside the temple. Next week I'll post some more of Taylor and me and some reception photos too. Can't stop, won't stop! Don't we have good looking families?! Answer-yes.

 [ All photos by Rachel Thurston ]


DIY | kitchen chairs

So our kitchen chairs have been making me want to puke for a while now. Today I decided to do something about it. Here's an easy how-to if you're looking to do the same.

You will need:
  • nasty chairs to recover
  • fabric to cover chairs (7/8 of a yard covered 2 chairs for me)
  • screwdriver or electric drill
  • stapler
  • scissors
I decided to recover the nasty tan-velour-track-suit fabric on chairs with this yellow and grey print. I got the end of the bolt at Joann's and got 50% for the 'scrap' price. Holla!

Step 1: Use your drill or screwdriver to remove the seat from the chair.

This is probably easier than you think. I pretty much took out every screw I could find when I only had to take out 3 to get the seat off. Yes, I went to college.

Step 2: Lay out your fabric on a flat surface and put the seat on the fabric face down.

I would also recommend ironing the fabric. I skipped that step because I am lazy. You should get most wrinkles out by pulling tightly but it wouldn't hurt to iron before hand.

Step 3: Pull fabric edges around the seat, pulling tightly. Start stapling!

I would start with one straight side and work your way around. Corners can be tricky, especially if your fabric is thicker. Do your best. Mine looks pretty crappy underneath but no one can see that. Just pull as tight as you can around the corners and staple as much as you need to. Don't be shy. Staples are cheap! And you can always pull them up if you mess up.

Step 4: Staple everything else. 

One tip I would give is to leave more room than I have in the picture below. You want to make sure the fabric stretches enough to be covered by the chair when you put the seat back on. This edge was cutting it close. 

Step 5: Screw the seat back on. Bask in your awesomeness.


October baby!

Happy October 1st! I love fall. Today I celebrated by running errands with the windows down, listening to some James Taylor and treating myself to a bag of candy corn and a couple of gourds. Aren't gourds the coolest? I bought the ugliest ones I could find. Thanks Walmart!

I thought I'd make a little fall board today. It consists mainly of things I want that I cannot afford ($795 bag), with a few things I already have (JT cd), and a few things I can afford (the leaves).

Happy fall, peeps!

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