/*pinterest*/ yenniper: December 2011


Happy New Year from the Roses!

Taylor and I didn't make a Christmas card this year, but we had some time off from work and thought we'd work on a New Years e-card together. It was a pretty big year for us and we're oh so grateful for all of our friends and family! We had fun making this little diddy. Hope you like it!

[Video clip originally from Fox Searchlight's 500 Days of Summer]


can't stop me

Rachel sent me these to hold me over til January 1st, upon which date I will receive all of our photos! Best New Year's present ever? Psshhyeah!

Are you guys sick of wedding photos? Are you sick of my blog? I hope not. I hope not.

Stay tuned. Tay and I are co-working (because we're good at being co-workers) on a New Year's e-card for you, our friends. Get excited! Not too excited. Crap, I've oversold it already...

[Photos by Rachel Thurston]



Here is one of my favorite pics from wedding week. Wendy threw me an awesome girls' lunch the day before the wedding. We decided to grab a pic with all my sisters and sisters-in-law afterward.


Is everyone sick of wedding pictures yet? Because I'm only gettin' started...


sneak peek

My amazing photographer Rachel was kind enough to send a few family shots of the wedding so my mom can finish up her Christmas cards. 

Almost peed my pants.

I cannot wait to see the rest. I love everything about this photo (except that Matt is in Guatemala.)

How cute are my parents? They look a little bit more in love than T and me. It's like we were all there for their anniversary and I showed up slightly overdressed.

[ photo by Rachel Thurston ]


california + kauai

I thought I'd blog a few photos I took with my phone from our trips to California and Kauai. Cali was great because uh, we got MARRIED. And Kauai is just insane crazy beautiful. Now for some photons.

Crazy pretty Balboa morning on the left and a run to Dad's
Donuts with their favorite aunt and uncle. Fun fact: old ladies
love Drue. 


Tay and I at Disneyland a few days before the wedding.

Left: Mom's florist workshop before the wedding. She did an amazing job! And another
gorgeous shot of Balboa, my favorite place on earth.

 Aloha Kauai! This was our first day just walking around the neighborhood. Twist my arm.

Pretty stuffs.

 Tree shots.

Two of my favorite shots. The rain was so beautiful there. Made for some sweet pics.

A little sunshine!

For some reason, I was craving burgers by the second. So we pretty much tried every burger
joint in Kauai. My fave: Bubba's. 

Breakfast at the St. Regis. Check out that view!
This was my favorite date of the trip/of life.