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can't stop me

Rachel sent me these to hold me over til January 1st, upon which date I will receive all of our photos! Best New Year's present ever? Psshhyeah!

Are you guys sick of wedding photos? Are you sick of my blog? I hope not. I hope not.

Stay tuned. Tay and I are co-working (because we're good at being co-workers) on a New Year's e-card for you, our friends. Get excited! Not too excited. Crap, I've oversold it already...

[Photos by Rachel Thurston]


  1. Absolutely stunning! You look so incredibly beautiful. I hope you'll share more when you get them!

  2. stop jenny. im OBSESSED with these. you are SO pretty and so perfect and so photogenic. omg i want to be you. i LOVE these.

  3. ditto what sam said. but seriously. you are fabulous.

  4. your dress is stunning and you are super photogenic!! love these pictures!!

  5. They are exquisitely beautiful pictures! I like Taylor's "passion" looks...and I love your dress. I hope you put the dress on frequently and dance around the house to pretty princess music! More wedding pictures please!