/*pinterest*/ yenniper: April 2011


burlap pillows

So my favorite store in Newport Beach sells these awesome graphic printed pillows on burlap. Lots of interiors stores are selling them nowadays. They're kind of IN. They're also a wee bit freaking pricey. Like to the tune of $800 if you're my favorite store in Newport Beach.

At my last visit with my mom, she decided she could make the pillows for much cheaper than aforementioned $800 pricetag. I sent her some designs and she and my sister Brooke made them for me for my birthday. I think it was a lot more work than they anticipated (they cut out each design by hand. Yeah look at the baby on the right.) But the end result is AWESOME. Here are the finished pillows on my bed. I am SO happy with them.

Thanks again Mom and Brooke!