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sneak peek

My amazing photographer Rachel was kind enough to send a few family shots of the wedding so my mom can finish up her Christmas cards. 

Almost peed my pants.

I cannot wait to see the rest. I love everything about this photo (except that Matt is in Guatemala.)

How cute are my parents? They look a little bit more in love than T and me. It's like we were all there for their anniversary and I showed up slightly overdressed.

[ photo by Rachel Thurston ]


  1. Love this photo! Your family is so beautiful. Can't wait to see more!

  2. what is that shimmery see-through part of your skirt? it's beautiful!

  3. ah I love this so much. I'm obsessed with your dress. And you. Let's hang out soon!!!

  4. also wendy. I'm obsessed with her too. p.s. this is obvi shan. I just saw I'm on Evan's account. That would be totes creepy.

  5. love this pic so much!
    A. How cute is Ry looking up at K!?
    2. Could Lily BE any more pissed?
    D. Did they ever track down your Anthro SHOES?!