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October baby!

Happy October 1st! I love fall. Today I celebrated by running errands with the windows down, listening to some James Taylor and treating myself to a bag of candy corn and a couple of gourds. Aren't gourds the coolest? I bought the ugliest ones I could find. Thanks Walmart!

I thought I'd make a little fall board today. It consists mainly of things I want that I cannot afford ($795 bag), with a few things I already have (JT cd), and a few things I can afford (the leaves).

Happy fall, peeps!

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  1. i love that you're back to blogging. keep it up.

  2. You blogging again makes me so happy. I'm still laughing that you can afford leaves. Don't stop.

    Are you doing Christmas in California? We're gonna be in San Diego after Christmas for the wedding and if we could see you that would be bestest! Maybe over a hippo cookie??

  3. Also, each time I see that CD cover of JT, I think it's Sonny Corinthos from General Hospital.