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glass jars

I am a big fan of glass jars. My new favs being some oversized ball jars I found at Hoblob. (That's short for Hobby Lobby. Kind of like how romcom is short for romantic comedy.) I think I'll incorporate some blue tinted ball jars into the wedding table decor centerpiecery somehow. I think they are beachin'.

Colored jars above were shot by the wonderful Johnny Miller. I got to work with him a few times at Martha. Guy's got serious skills.

[ blue jars from here ]


  1. I love glass jars and bottles!!!!! I think that was my theme for my wedding come to think of it. But my friend taught me how to make ball jar lamps for my backyard reception and they worked out really well. if you're interested, I can teach you.

  2. I have some blue glass ball jars and I LURVE them! My friend just made a lamp out of hers and it rocks. I must make my own.

  3. gencon is short for..... can you guess