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happy weekend!

Is anyone a little bit wanting to break up with rain lately? Or at least take a long break and spend some time to think about what we've done wrong. (In my case, nothing. In rain's case, everything.) I usually love stormy weather but it is really frostin' my cookies lately.

I don't think it's anything a little bit of stripes and sunshine can't fix. Enter Chance, yet another line of clothing that makes me want to physically paint stripes on the small percentage of my wardrobe that isn't covered in stripes.

Love these photos so much. Why don't I look that good when I nap in public places?

Images from here.


  1. The third picture is perfection. I wish I took it. Well, if I'm wishing for things, I wish my legs looked like that.

    Troop Beverly Hills reference. Kudos.

  2. Haha, my mother-in-law says May is like a bad boyfriend: everything's happy and great at the beginning, then you realize he's kind of a jerk and want to break up, but then he gets nice just long enough for you to think things might work out okay, all before he breaks your heart again in the end.