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flea bags

Anyone familiar with Flea Bags? I am obsessed. You'd think that someone who was obsessed would have some background knowledge on the product in the form of the actual product, but not this moi! I'm the stalkery kind of obsessed. If I had some extra benjamins lyin' around, I would most likely spend them on a lifetime supply of Apple Jacks a Flea Bag to carry my empty wallet with me wherever I go. They. are. beautiful.

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  1. For awhile there, I was thinking: why did she start her new blog when she doesn't even update it? However, I remained steadfast and held out; patiently knowing she would update one day. And then it happened...I went to her blog and made the sudden realization that when I bookmarked it, I had only bookmarked the entry titled "Communal"...well, time to catch up :)