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analyzation of valentation

Wow. Thanks for the Valentine love, friends. If I didn't know better, I'd think you all have crushes on me. But I do know better.

Fact. I suck at blogging 363 days of the year. My usual analytics follow an ever consistent yet rockin' pattern of anywhere between 10-12 hits a day.

Example of hits as follows:

10, 12, 11, 10, 11, 11, 12  etc, etc, etc,.

Comrades, in the past 48 hours, my LOST valentines from 2010 (on the old bloggin) have received roughly TEN. THOU$AND. views. With dollar signs. In analytics that causes change that looks like this:

I think the Jimmer ones had about 1,000 views.

Too bad I can't design Valentine's year round. I can't, right? That's stupid. Yeah, I thought so too. Since I can't design Valentine's year round, I just wanted to publicly thank all of you, the three thousand (four hundred and ten point fifty seven) percent of you who only think I'm funny once a year. You guys are the best. Rendezvous me? Valentine's Day 2012? Can't wait. I'm already thinking of ideas.

To my ten readers a day and mom checking twice, please stay tuned for tomorrow's entry when I post a picture of me dining with Justin Bieber on Valentine's day something I think is pretty.


  1. hahaha I totally love you. I also love that my cousin posted your Jimmer valentines on FB and I got to say I KNOW HER! :) She wants to be friends with you. Cuz you're rad.

  2. I love the new blog so much! The jimmer valentines are awesome sauce too.

  3. Hole. E. Cow. 10k? That's amazing. Maybe you can do some sort of Lost St. Patrick's day tribute to get the fans' attention again.

  4. Congrats! Next year do Bachelor Valentines. You'll get 10k easy! people are *obsessed* with that crap. (Not me of course....we read books around these parts 24/7). ps, WHEN CAN I (meaning "other people") PURCHASE YOUR PRINTS??? like your typography bldg series/kristin's tomato (tom-ah-toe?)/ tyler's NYC collage/etc etc!?! Make it happen. people will come ray!!

  5. I'm totally with brooke on this one--I've been wanting to buy prints for-e-ver. just take my money already.