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On Saturday I celebrated my 25th birthday. WHACK. The girls took me to birthday brunch at Communal. I got french toast with cinnamon apples. Next time I go I will mos def be getting me some drinking chocolate. Zing! Any restaurant that serves chocolate in liquid form gets five gold stars from me. (And probably about five bucks too.) So once I cross the drinking chocolate off my list, I'll be one step closer to fulfilling my inner Augustus Gloopesque fantasy of drinking chocolate from a river.

(Yes, I know it's just hot chocolate. Quit trying to ruin my special day!)

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  1. Here I get to be your very first comment! This is definitely hot chocolate weather--the high today in Big D will be about 15 degrees. (Apologies to all you Super Bowl out-of-towners.) Good luck, I love the look of Yenniper!

  2. i've had their french toast! AH-MAY-ZINE.