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wedding photo (a year later) wednesday

I figured 11 months in was a good time to start posting some wedding photos! You know, when everyone has completely lost interest in us/has moved on to asking us when we're having babies. I realized today that I've only posted 7 photos from our wedding day on this blog. Out of the 527 photos we have, I have posted 1.3% of them. Now I don't want to go overwhelming anyone with a million photos from our perfect day so we'll start small and I'll continue to post them until you don't realize you have seen every last one of them.

[ All photos taken by the amazing Rachel Thurston ]


  1. I guess you had to make sure the sealing was going to stick before you started posting pictures? I still can't believe how lucky my brother is :) I LOVE these. That picture of Chloe almost made me cry it's so beautiful! Can we still order these?