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spring + summer 2012

Remember how I'm the worst blogger of all time? Do people blog anymore? I hate myself. This post is happening, people. Since I'm too lazy to catch you all up on my action-filled last six months, I will just post a ton of pictures. We had a pretty relaxing summer, hanging in beautiful Midway with my family. We went to the Shakespeare festival with Taylor's family and had a bard-to-the-bone time. Went to Cali in April. Ate some waffles. Won some Wicked lotteries. It was a pretty great summer. We have high hopes for Christmas in Kauai! Good thing I worked on my tan all summer. Me = so tan right now. So so tan.


  1. Yay! Pictures are sooo wonderful. I would rather look at pics than read a bunch. That's why I always try to include them. I still love that one you took on my birthday and I'm also in love with the Midway pic of Audrey.

  2. I will read everything you blog. Very soon after you blog it. And my life will be better for it.

  3. No, people don't blog anymore. And yes, I have missed your blog. Mostly I just miss you though. Love the pics. Your gorg. We need to get together. This distance thing blows.