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2016 Presidential Valentines

This is my 7th year designing valentines! Which means I have one more year before I'm kicked out of valentine office and someone else takes over.

Here's a recap if you're new to this lovely tradition that won't seem to die:

2010 Lost
2011 Jimmer
2012 Harry Potter pt 1 and Harry Potter pt 2
2013 Hunger Games
2014 Downton Abbey
2015 Taylor Swift

This year an obvious theme emerged, (even though it's a slight detour from the usjh valentines of entertainment's past). And since it's the first day of February AND the day of the Iowa Caucus(es) (Cauci?), I proudly present to my fellow citizens your 2016 Presidential Valentines!

And for whatever reason if you feel like these would be a yuge hit with your 8 friends or coworkers, click here to download a printable pdf. 


- Jenny


  1. So fun. I love these every year. I pinned this cause everyone needs to see it. :) https://www.pinterest.com/pin/172684966940116167/

  2. Sorry Jenny, but you're too good at these to ever stop making them. Look what happened when Hostess temporarily shut down production? Utter chaos. You don't want to be responsible for world chaos, do you? You keep making perfect valentines, and the Twinkie people will keep doing their thing and all will stay right in the world.

  3. You continue to amaze and entertain!' �� Love them all !!
    Love you too