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Taylor Swift Valentines

Well well well. Here we go again. As you can see, I haven't blogged since last years Downton Abbey Valentines. So now that valentines are literally the only thing keeping this blog a blog, let's just get right to it shall we? ... I love her. You love her. I just couldn't not this year...

Introducing your 2015 Taylor Swift Valentines!!!  The goal this year is a lofty one: I'd like Taylor* to actually pass these out to friends and/or family members. See? Lofty.

** Not to be confused with my husband Taylor, who will probably not give these to his friends or family. But he totally should. 

To download a printable of all of them, you can get it here. But don't forget to attach candy to them or people will be SO sad and they'll blame me for it and that's not fair. 


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