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birthday sunnies

Hi abandoned blog! I am the living worst. It appears as though my best blogging happens when I am unemployed or in college ... or unemployed and in college.

I started a new job in September and I'm loving it.  Dangerous side effects include discounted glasses and free-flowing Diet Coke. Neither of these things are a problem. I am totally in control of both.

Psych! I've decided that I need to treat myself to some new sunglasses for my birthday this month. What are your thoughts?

[ Chloe CL 2201 | Oakley Daisy Chain |  RayBan RB 3025 Aviators | Converse Birdies ]


  1. The sun’s ultraviolet rays are most damaging between 10am and 2pm. Even under overcast skies, we should protect our eyes, as the rays of the sun do pass through clouds. And when under a shade, we should still wear sunglasses, because UV rays are reflected by sand and water.

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  2. I vote 1 or 2. Or any of them. They are all great.

    But if you get new sunglasses I will want some too...

  3. 1 or 3. or both. yeah. both.

  4. You always rock aviators, so #2 would be a for sure hit, and I also like #1. They are classy like you.

  5. Your decision to use these awesome sunglasses tells us that you're all about a good time.

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