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ben stamos

I am home sick today and started thinking about haircuts. Since I'm totally indecisive and can't decide what to do with my own hair I thought, "at least I know what I'd do to bachelor Ben's hair." The obvious choice being give him some John Stamos hair.

You're welcome, America.

So really, what should I do to my hair? Chop or no chop? Bangs or no bangs? Discuss.


  1. no chop. no bangs. i'll still love you with bangs, they are just not my thing. never have been, never will be. i say not too short, but maybe some layers and oh fine, if you insist on bangs, keep them LONG. :)

  2. hahaah thank you for this picture. his real hair is terrible.

  3. you ask this question at least once every 4 months and then get a trim.


  4. Wow. I'd forgotten how powerful John Stamos hair could be...he was totally my junior high crush. You have lush, long, perfect hair. Why would you mess with that?

  5. Oh my gosh, if his hair was actually like this I might have actually cared how the show turned out.