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Downton Abbey Valentines

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Time to toot my own Valentine horn: this is my FIFTH year making Valentines for the internet people. I've come a long way from designing Lost Valentines from my bed in Texas to designing Downton Abbey Valentines from my bed in Utah (1,000 miles to be exact). I hope you realize that I can't top these every year and at a certain point (4 years ago), they will start to decline in hilarity.

With that disclaimer in mind, here we go! Your 2014 Downton Abbey Valentines.

Head over to Cobalt & Dash for a printable version!

[ All images from pbs.org ]


  1. Seriously, what an earl wants? This is too good. I'm in so much love. Why are you so funny???! Miss you.

  2. My favorite is Edith's because they just make her soooooooo pathetic. Nice work, lady!

  3. Brilliant (although I was secretly hoping for a Downton Abbey/Walking Dead mash up. You need to include links to previous years' cards. I'm feeling nostalgic...

  4. You're hilarious - Love seeing these every year!

  5. these are awesome!! love them, jenny! and your intro commentary too. :)

  6. Killer as per usgh. usj. ushj. (i just want the first syllable of usual.)

    Hurry up and tag this post with "valentines" like the rest, so I can use one link to your whole dynasty collection, yeah?

    1. Olivia! I ALWAYS wonder how to spell ushj. You're the best.

  7. Oh, my! These are fantastic! I wonder if I could share them? You're amazing!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. I'm crying. As always, you do a perfect job with these!!

  9. Oh. My. Gosh!! I LOVE THESE! Just found them on pinterest! Loving "Wanna Spoon"

  10. Alternate Matthew line: I'm the man of your dreams.